Raise the Bar

Fitness isn't something you leave at the gym; it's a way of life.

Strengthen your Body and Mind

Our bodies are capable of amazing things. You just have to believe you can get there. Discover our Programs today.

Boutique Facilities

This isn't your regular gym. Enjoy full service locker rooms, showers, and amenities.

Discover Yourself

Nobody conquers the world in an afternoon. But each session leaves you feeling like you did.

Our Programs


Personalized group fitness at its best. Get stronger with proper barbell lifting technique followed by a dynamic high intensity circuit designed for varied fitness levels.


Get ready to roar as you discover what mixed martial arts for fitness is all about.


Learn how to lift a barbell, sweat it out to a high intensity cardio circuit, and end class with our very own "yogafit". No intimidation here.

Personal Training

Work one-on-one with your favorite trainer in sessions designed just for you.


Supplement your sessions with our in-house food and nutrition program, or just grab a snack at the counter.


Expert Coaching

We are here to teach you, encourage you, and have fun from warm-up to cool down.

45-minute Sessions

Work your whole body in a combination of core, mobility, strength, and high intensity conditioning.

Back-to-Back Classes

Sessions run all day. If you drop by late, the next one will begin soon.


Whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness newbie, every session is tailored to your experience level and fitness goals.


Because there's nothing as refreshing as a hot shower after a workout.

Towel Service

Don't worry about bringing a towel. We have plenty on hand for free.



Harriet O’Sullivan

June 29 2015

I am already so much prouder of my body and the things it is capable of!

100% Recommended

Maddy Woodman

4th April 2015

In just a few months, the coaches at 202strong have changed every single one of my movements!

100% Recommended

Are you ready for the challenge?