The 202strong Philosophy-Why The Barbell and Why the StrongCircuit?

September 25, 2017
by admin

When you walk into 202strong, you are greeted and checked into class and ready to start the best 45 minutes of your day. You know what to expect in terms of your class structure, you know your coach will always lead you and guide you through every movement, and you know you’ll have a killer workout, but do you know WHY the classes and workouts are programmed the way they are?

Here is a breakdown of the WHY:

WARM-UP: Every class your coach will lead you in getting your heart rate up, waking you up, working on mobility, working on stability, and challenging your core in different variations and combinations depending on the focus of the rest of the workout. Jumping jacks are great, but training your body’s weaknesses and priming them to lift is even better.

BARBELL: Every class your coach will teach, review, and warm-up the lift of the day. Never touched a barbell before? PERFECT. This is your time to learn. Competed in powerlifting before? PERFECT. This is your time to warm-up and refresh your body on how to move properly.  The 6 week Barbell Strength Cycle is designed to focus on 4 different lifts and progressively add weight each week. Over the course of 6 weeks you will feel more confident with the lifts as well as noticeably stronger. Week 7,  test your 1RM to see the difference in your GAINS

Lifting the barbell WILL:

-Build lean muscle to make your waistline shrink

-Build strength to make you able to lift more each strength cycle

-Increase your resting metabolic rate so that you burn more calories all day long without doing ANYTHING ELSE!

-Teach you body awareness so that you stay injury free and know how to move PROPERLY!

-Build confidence so you can walk into any room or any gym and know you can crush it (regardless of what “it” is)

STRONGCIRCUIT: Where you use your newfound body awareness in a short, intense, aerobic workout designed to make you fitter, faster and stronger. Every class you will put your aerobic capacity and new strength to the test in our challenging, fun, and scalable Strongcircuits! (The circuits last around 12:00 minutes except on extended day where they can go up to 30:00)

At 202strong we believe:

-YOU come first. The workout is written with different options, but this workout is for YOU. So talk to your coach if you need further modifications to help you get the best version for yourself

-FITNESS is the goal. During the Strongcircuits, we want you MOVING, sweating, and pushing yourself the whole time.

-It is more important to move your body or a lighter weight with less rest, than moving heavy weight and going slower. Now is the time to SHINE. So break a sweat and go BALLS TO THE WALLS!

– Some StrongCircuits have higher skilled movements involved, but since this is YOUR workout for your overall FITNESS don’t let those intimidate you, we have ALL the options

The barbell is by far the most effective way to build strength and that lean, fat burning muscle mass. The StrongCircuit is the most efficient (and fun!) way to push yourself, move fast, and get your heart rate elevated for a moderate amount of time, leaving you feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

Want to see REAL results? Commit to 202strong and you are guaranteed to see results in less than 6 weeks.

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