WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY – Featuring Plantains, Zucchini Pasta, and Coconut Butter Fudge :)

June 30, 2016
by Shannon Keating

EatWell Coach Shannon here sharing with you everything I ate in one day! “What I Ate Wednesday” will be a regular feature  now on the 202 Strong Blog this summer to give everyone plenty of real life examples of what an anti-inflammatory, whole foods diet looks like in action. My diet consists mainly of vegetables (both starchy and non-starchy), protein, and healthy fats. Sometimes I eat fruit. Sometimes I eat paleo “treats”. Sometimes I eat gluten-free grains like rice and oatmeal. Sometimes I drink alcohol (although typically not on Wednesdays 😉 ).

Here’s what I ate this past Wednesday:

Breakfast (pre-workout): Grass-fed ground beef + mushroom mix (about 5 oz of protein), topped with steamed broccoli, plantain, one full red bell pepper, and 1/4 an avocado. Also sipped on ~ one cup of homemade bone broth after breakfast.




Lunch (post-workout): Homemade Indian Curry (made by my friend Grace) with coconut milk, broccoli, and potatoes. Side of green beans sautéed in coconut oil. All on top of 5 1/2 oz of my Balsamic BBQ Crockpot Chicken Breast. Made a special drink to sip on while the curry was cooking – one whole cucumber + fresh mint + my DigestZen essential oil + water + ice.


Snack: One Chicken Sriracha EPIC bar + sugar snap peas + two giant carrots (one not pictured).


DINNER: Raw zucchini pasta + Wild Planet sardines canned in Olive oil and lemon + steamed kale + two hardboiled eggs.


DESSERT: The whole batch of my White Chocolate Coconut Butter Fudge. Just kidding! I ate two. And a half. Ok three. I ate three. 🙂


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