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April 11, 2018
by admin

202strong is a blend of strength and circuit training with a STRONG focus on teaching proper movement and making each workout the best version for YOUR fitness level. We apply this philosophy in all of our classes. Read on to understand the differences!

202strong Signature

The signature class and majority of our classes. In the signature class we have 3 parts to class: Warmup, Strength work, and StrongCircuit. Every 7 weeks, we focus on 4 different barbell movements and progress upon them each week. This is our strength cycle. You will learn and warmup the movement every class under the guidance of your coach, and follow the timed strength cycle. The StrongCircuit will improve your overall fitness and get your heart racing. Beware: once a week we have our LongStrong workout which has no strength and is an extra long, extra fun StrongCircuit!


Expect the same format as the Signature class but in an empowering, all female environment.

WarriorStrong/Longstrong and Mobility

No strength, no barbell. All circuit training. 45 minutes of our classic StrongCircuits meant to get you sweating and having fun

Barbells and Abs

Learn the barbell and work your abs in this full body workout. The class is separated into 3 mini circuits. One focuses primarily on lifting. One focuses primarily on core work, and the third is a fun combination of the 2!

Barbells and Boxing

45 minute high intensity workout designed to teach proper boxing and lifting technique. You will learn, sweat, and push your limits by putting all of your skills together for a fast paced StrongCircuit. You can expect a non stop 45 minutes of strength, boxing, and conditioning.

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