Coaches & Personal Trainers

Maddie --Founder

8 years ago I left my degree in Microbiology behind to pursue my personal trainer certification and have never looked back. Since 2010, I have been working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I opened 202strong because the barbell and HIIT form of exercise changed my life. I found confidence, strength, body awareness, happiness, and total body fitness. I also believe high intensity circuit training is the most effective way to change your body, challenge your mind, and get in shape. Combine the 2, and you have the most effective blend of strength and circuit training. Welcome to 202strong.

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Certifications: NASM CPT, TRX, SPIN, CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Gymnastics, USAW Sports Performance


Melissa --Head Coach Nebel

I took on my first personal training client 12 years ago, and have learned so much since then. I spent years as a runner and a yogi, but finally felt at home coaching functional fitness, cross-training and barbell fitness. I believe that fitness is a complex combination of intelligently structured workouts and focused nutrition. Through mindful goal-setting and consistency, we can work together to reach your specific goals!
When I’m not at the gym- I’m cooking, hanging out with my dog, traveling, and spending time with my family.

Location(s): North Bethesda

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Certification(s): B.S. in dietetics, 200-hour certified yoga instructor, Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Caitlyn--Head Coach DC + Girlstrong

Coach Caitlyn has been facilitating fitness and friendships at 202Strong since April 2016. With her CrossFit L1 Cert, Caitlyn heads the GirlStrong program and coaches both LongStrong and Signature classes. Caitlyn enjoys EDM/Latin Dance playlists, delt exercises, and post-workout nachos. Ask her about ab circuits, mobility, or how to do the Beyoncé single ladies dance.

Location(s): Farragut North

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My goal as a coach and personal trainer is to teach, inspire, and assist others on their fitness journey! I recognize that each person’s wellness goals are different- whether it be for performance, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, or something else! With my experience and your determination, I have no doubt that together we can smash your goals.

Credentials: B.S. Exercise Science, CPR-AED, Crossfit-L1, USAW-L1SP
Interests: foodie, travel, dogs, outdoors, strength training, and nutrition
Location(s): Farragut North and Nebel Street

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Jesse- Coach and Physical Therapist

Location: Farragut North

As a doctor of physical therapy, my 12 years of experience working with athletes and getting them back to their sport, my motto is “Keeping active people active”. When I coach, I want to help you move better while reaching your peak physical fitness. When I am not coaching at 202strong or running my physical therapy practice, District Performance and Physio, you can find me running, working out, and socializing!

District Performance and Physio is based out of 202strong DC so please come say hi or schedule an appointment with me

Certifications: CSCS, DPT, OCS, Functional Dry Needling

Arielle--Coach Nebel Street

Location(s): North Bethesda

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Certification(s): CrossFit L1, CrossFit L2, USAW Sports Performance, Power Athlete

Ryan-Coach Nebel St

Scientist by day, 202 coach by night!
I’m a long time member of 202Strong and have been coach for over a year. When I’m not at the gym, you can probably find me either at the bar with a beer in hand, or in the woods hiking!
Location(s): Nebel Street

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Certification: CrossFit Level 1

Coach and Sports Performance

A life long athlete, I got serious about strength and conditioning while programming off-season workouts for my college lacrosse team. After college I started working in gyms in large class environments, personal training, and with high school athletes and teams. I was commissioned as a Marine Corps Officer in 2014 and served for four years. During that time fitness remained a key part of my life. Wherever I was stationed I continued working in Crossfit Gyms, with my fellow Marines, young athletes and teams. With a strong focus on posture and position, I have always focused on helping athletes train to meet their specific fitness goals.
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Crossfit L1, L2
Crossfit Football

Monica-- Coach

Location(s): North Bethesda

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Certification(s): BS Exercise Science, NASM CPT



Location(s): Farragut North

Certification(s): CrossFit Level 1

Amanda--Coach and Personal Trainer

Amanda has been a personal trainer and group fitness coach for about five years. Currently a Lululemon Ambassador for Montgomery Mall.

Certs- NASM CPT, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist.
Graduated from the University of Maryland with a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology.
Where I am when I’m not at the gym: Full time mom of two little ladies, studying, planning my next trip or adventure, or watching Shark Week!
Location(s): North Bethesda

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Location(s): North Bethesda and Farragut North
Certification: CrossFit L1 and certified nurse practitioner

Topher- Coach DC

Location: Farragut North
Certification: CrossFit L1

Fernando aka Nando-- Coach

I have been a coach at 202 Strong for three years and I have loved working here and meeting our members.
My goal is to make sure everyone who walks into 202Strong has a great time and walks out stronger.
I do my best to choose a mix of music that everyone enjoys, but I am biased towards  Latin pop, Country, and Rock, especially for PR week.
When I am not coaching you will probably still see me at the gym taking another coach’s class or training with Coach Danny and  Anthony with the FightStrong program.

Location(s): Farragut North

Certification(s): CrossFit L1


Location: Farragut North
Certification: NASM

FightStrong Coach

Fightstrong Instructor
ANTHONY has been in the PT field since 2013 and training in martial arts since the age of 4 years old.
He is a fun loving goofball who enjoys anime, swimming and traveling and many more activities.
He has been training at 202strong (Fightstrong) for 2 years
Location: Farragut North

Coach of Women, Wine, Self Defense

Location: Farragut North (Women, Wine, Self Defense and BreakFast Club FightStrong)

Angela is a Washington DC-based writer, Master teacher of yoga, Leads Yoga Teacher Trainings, Women’s Self-Defense, and is a competitive Martial Artist. In addition to Movement Arts, Angela is also an End of Life Care Counselor, Buddhist Chaplain, Masters of Divinity, and founder of Warrior Woman Republic LLC. She has a deep passion for justice and loves good beer.