Coaches & Personal Trainers

Maddie --Founder/Owner

Location(s): Farragut North, North Bethesda
“Do no harm, but take no shit”

Follow my Fitness: @maddie202strong


Melissa --Head Coach Nebel

Location(s): North Bethesda
“Warrior Princess”

Follow my fitness: @mbrooksfit

Kevin-Head Coach/Personal Trainer

Location(s): Farragut North

Follow my fitness @coach_kevin_202

Danny-- Fightstrong

Location(s): Farragut North
“One day I know you’ll be a champion but you must believe in it yourself first”

Follow my fitness: @dcmover13

Arielle--Coach Nebel Street

Location(s): North Bethesda
“Wake up with REL”

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Caitlyn--Girlstrong/Coach DC

Location(s): Farragut North
“Good things come to those who keep  dancing”

Follow my fitness: @caitcofit

Matt-- Coach

Location(s): Farragut North
“You can call me Ryan Gosling”

Follow my fitness: @coachmatt202


Location (s): Farragut North and Nebel Street

Follow my fitness: @shanstrong_202

Monica-- Coach

Location(s): North Bethesda
“When you get knocked down, get back up, shake it off, readjust that ponytail”



Location(s): Farragut North

Ryan-Coach Nebel St

Location(s): Nebel Street

Follow my fitness: @coach_ryan202

Fernando aka Nando-- Coach

Location(s): Farragut North
“Gig ‘Em”