18 Transformative, Real Food Breakfast Recipes

paleo breakfast
May 3, 2016
by Shannon Keating

Instead of Oatmeal, Try…

BANANA CHIA PUDDING – Split into 2-3 servings. This would be an excellent pre-workout breakfast or snack! For a slightly lower sugar option, replace one of the bananas with ½ an avocado 🙂

N’OATMEAL TWO WAYS – Another great pre-workout breakfast or snack! To turn this into a post-workout option, use light coconut milk (or watered down full fat coconut milk) or almond milk.

BANANA VANILLA BEAN CHIA N’OATMEAL – This recipe is one of my favorites. Add 2  more eggs + 1-2 tablespoons of collagen protein powder to bump up the protein level.

Instead of Toast, Try…

SWEET POTATO TOAST – These are the perfect healthy spin on your normal toast and the best part is they are sturdy and hold together nicely. Some suggestions for topping combinations include: sliced avocado or guacamole + sea salt + lemon, primal kitchens or homemade healthy mayo + smoked salmon + chives, a fried egg + hot sauce or homemade sriracha, or almond butter + cinnamon + sea salt.

TOSTONES FRIED GREEN PLANTAINS – This is the perfect way to satisfy your morning carb craving without having to deal with the gut-irritating side effects of your typical toast. Serve with a couple fried eggs and sautéed greens. Yum, just yum.

SWEET FRIED PLANTAINS WITH SEA SALT & CINNAMON – A sweeter take on the tostones above. Sweet fried plantains are delicious alongside some lean ground beef or homemade breakfast sausage. For vegetarian option, serve with a couple hard boiled eggs or a blend of 1 tablespoon coconut butter + 1 tablespoon almond butter.

Instead of Waffles/Pancakes, Try…

PALEO PLANTAIN WAFFLES – A simple way to transform your plantains into waffles? Sounds good to me! Top with a bit of melted grass-fed butter or coconut oil, cinnamon, and sea salt!

PERFECT PALEO PANCAKES – Now, a simple way to transform your plantains into pancakes? Do it! This would make for an excellent post Saturday morning workout breakfast.

PRIMAL PALEO PANCAKES – Bananas, eggs, and a variety of spices for the simplest pancakes ever! Another wonderful post Saturday morning workout breakfast. Make a big batch on Sunday to have after workouts throughout the week.

Instead of Egg Sandwiches, Try…


TUNA CAKES WITH GREEN OLIVES – These sound absolutely delicious, served hot or cold! Double the amount and add these bad boys into your meal prep routine!

APPLE STREUSEL EGG MUFFINS – A slightly sweet take on your typical savory egg muffin. Have made these many times and LOVE them. The bit of coconut flour in these is purely for binding purposes and totally okay for the EatWell Challenge. 🙂


Upgrade your Smoothie with…

LOW CARB, HIGH FAT GREEN SMOOTHIE – This is great smoothie full of good fats to keep your blood sugar stable and hold you over for a productive morning. Bonus if you add in some cinnamon and/or adaptogenic maca powder!

BLOODY MARY DETOX SMOOTHIE – Sunday morning Bloody Mary anyone? Just imagine there’s a splash of vodka in there and reap the detoxifying benefits of this savory smoothie.

AVOCADO LIME AND COCONUT SMOOTHIE – This would be great for a warmer, feels-like-summer morning. Skip the stevia and add ½ frozen banana or 1 cup of frozen berries instead!

Upgrade your Eggs with…

SMOKED SALMON EGG BAKE – Veggies, salmon, and eggs make for a nutrient dense trifecta. Whip up a batch of this egg bake and slice it up in individual portions to have a quickly reheated portable breakfast option at your fingertips.

BAKED TOMATO EGGS – A creative little upgrade to your typical  salsa and eggs!

BAKED EGGS IN AVOCADO – A popular recipe from the fall Eatwell Challenge. The best part about this recipe is that is tastes the best cold so you can quickly pop it on a plate straight out of the fridge, or take along with you to eat at your desk in the morning!

And lastly, Spice up your breakfast with…

Bacon Jam

Homemade Guacamole

Homemade Sriracha

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