July 25, 2016
by admin

It’s MONDAY, which means it’s time for another Meal Prep Tip from EatWell Coach, Shannon Keating.

Meal Prep Tip # 3: Prep a batch of healthy treats along with all your proteins and veggies! Store in individually portioned sizes in the freezer so you can just grab one to enjoy when your sweet cravings hit.


By including your treats into your meal prep day this will actually help you stay on track with healthy eating because you have something sweet to look forward to. No need to deprive yourself! Also, by prepping the treat yourself you know exactly what ingredients were used and can rest assured that the treat is still good for you and won’t derail you from reaching your goals. The key is to store these treats in the freezer and/or in individually portioned servings so you only grab one or two instead of the whole batch!

Some ideas for treats to prep ahead of time:

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