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“Challenging but fun with different workout components that keeps you on your toes (jump rope, barbell, kettle bell, rowing). I’ve never lifted before and the coach, Danny, did an awesome job at keeping it safe and easy to learn! I’ll definitely be going back. Everyone else in the class kept it fun giving it a supportive atmosphere too!”–Anonymous


100% Recommended

Ryan J.


The coaches at 202strong are incredibly talented and provide explicit instructions regarding every movement. But more importantly, I’ve learned how to listen to my body, assess my limitations, and determine how to improve

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Arielle Kleinman


Four years ago we stepped up to the same barbell, started chatting, and the rest is [our]story

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Chip Holcher


I am going through a divorce and it is the toughest thing I’ve had to deal with in my life from an emotional perspective – it is hard to accurately describe – but in short it sucks. My general demeanor is normally ‘happy’ but there are many days over the last year that I have basically felt like crap walking in the doors before the workout – I smile and socialize to cover it up but it has been tough dealing with divorce. Shortly after walking through the door I forget about everything and instead focus on the workout, my health and my 202 friendships

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Kamil K.


I love the sense of community and constant support. The consistency of seeing familiar faces cheering me on everyday holds me accountable and makes me look forward to working out.

100% Recommended

Richard Greenhouse


As a result of 202strong I can do things outside of the gym that I normally would give up on.

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Caitlyn Collett


Weightlifting and strength training has completely changed my body composition – and self image! Since starting training with @202_strong , I’m more confident than ever and I haven’t looked at a scale in months. 202strong has helped me look and feel healthier and stronger

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Because of the workouts I do at 202strong I feel 20+ years younger. At 75 I am still getting stronger and flexible enough to get in and out of my sports cars easily!

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Scott Cunning


Each time I come back to the bar, I have an opportunity to demonstrate self-improvement.

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Juliana Su


We participated in different sports growing up, but training at 202Strong has allowed us to work out together (with a little good-spirited competition)

100% Recommended